About Onsdagscruiser


My name is Esben Garder. I'm a skateboarder, a snowboarder and a designer who likes to make all kinds of stuff. When I'm not shredding, working or thinking up crazy ideas, I hang out with my lovely wife and our two kids.

My background is originally in graphic design and communication, but I have been venturing into the world of illustration, fashion design, art and many other genres of design... Just because I love the idea of making things and making things happen. Lately i've been teaching Innovation and entrepreneurship at the local business school, which is awesome!

I design stuff...

In a nutshell, that means that I sit at my shiny Apple computer all day long creating snazzy designs for cool folks - It's great!

However, it is much more complicated than that, there’s all this business about typography, composition, grids, space, form, colour theory, semantics and usability to consider (and that’s just for starters). Luckily I’ve spent my lifetime so far completely filling my brain with all this creative goodness, so I can make things that not only look cool, but also solve a problem and make things work in the real world.

Just for you?

I love creating custom brands, identities and logo designs from scratch,  but I also enjoy producing the odd t-shirt graphic, illustration or character design. I pride myself in having the skills of working with my own two hands, as well as being knowledgeable in the print side of design.

If you'd like to work with me or want to say hello, or write me a song, feel free to contact me.

What is Onsdagscruiser?

Onsdagscruiser was established back in 2008 as a weekly old-boys skateboard session amongst a group of like-minded friends in Aalborg, Denmark. We all have kids, jobs and a busy schedule, so we decided on having at least one fixed day a week to skate. It became Wednesday (Onsdag in danish) and the Onsdagscruiser was born.

After some time the scene grew and other old-boys tagged along. At this point we had an indoor miniramp at Platform4 in Aalborg. The ramp was donated to us by Cookiefactory - a local skate shop and design collective. The sessions at the ramp was always heated and we had a great time. Since I am a graphic designer I could not help start designing t-shirts for the crew and the Onsdagscruiser brand was taking shape as well as the crew's dream of our own indoor bowl in Aalborg.

In 2012 we where kicked out of Platform4 because the commune (who owned the building) was going to refurbish the building. This caused us to start a "forening" - an association of people with common interests which we called Roundwall. This is a quite unique danish/scandinavian setup, where the commune had to help us find a new spot for our skateboarding needs... We found an ideal warehouse, that could house our dream bowl, and the construction commenced.

Now we have a perfect indoor bowl "The Roundwall bowl" in Godthåb (just outside of Aalborg) and we even managed to squeeze in and build two new concrete parks in Skørping (15 minutes away from the bowl). All this skate terrain became a reality because of the initial Onsdagscruiser sessions and today we still skate EVERY wednesday.

On this website you will find a collection of skateboard inspired products that has rocked our worlds along the way.

I hope the products and story can spark a fire to build and grow your local skateboard community, so please wear these products with pride... We do!

All our products are produced in Latvia, so please bear over with us if your shipping takes a little while (5-10 days). This is because we are a small company and will only produce your garments, when you place your order. Don't worry - it works ;)

If you have questions or need inspiration on how to grow the skate scene in your town, please drop us a line.